What are your requirements for services?

All new canine clients are evaluated in order to determine their suitability to requested services and existing groups. For dog excursions all dogs must be six months or older, be licensed, be spayed or neutered, and have current vaccinations. Dogs must be current on flea, tick and worm prevention. Dogs with worms, fleas, and/or ticks are not accepted until successfully treated. Dogs which have shown aggression toward other dogs as well as people are not accepted for dog park excursions, group social walks, or hikes.

What days do you offer walks and field trips?

Dog park excursions, beach walks, and hound hikes are offered 9am-5pm Monday through Friday.

What areas do you offer your  services?

Now available in Middlesex County! Serving Matawan, Old Bridge and parts of  central eastern Monmouth County. If your not sure if your area is included, contact us.

What credentials do you have?

Aside from being in the pet business and having their own pets for years; the owner of Canine Adventures is a member of Rover.com and have completed a course with the Red Cross in Pet First Aid. The owner is also insured.

Being pet owners themselves, they understand how important your furry family member is. Expect nothing but the best care from Canine Adventures. Read more about the owner.

Are dog parks safe?

We've all heard dog park horror stories, however dog parks are much less crowded during the weekdays. Canine Adventures is  experienced in handling dogs and always monitors the situations to which pets are exposed. Dogs are grouped by size and/or temperament. If the dog park is crowded, an adventure will be substituted.

 What about inclement weather?

All excursions are at the discretion of Canine Adventures. Adventures may be rescheduled due to extreme weather conditions to ensure your pets safety. Every adventure includes plenty of fresh water. If it's an extra warm day, dogs will be monitored closely for signs of heat exhaustion. If its just too hot or too cold, other activities may be substituted such as inside play. 

How do you pick up my dog if no one is home?

You will be asked to provide a key to your home or yard during the introductory meeting. This key will only be used for scheduled visits and is never marked or stored with your name or home address.

If you have other questions that aren't answered here, please contact us.