Why Canine Fitness?

Everyone knows that a well exercised dog is a well behaved dog. Behavior issues such as chewing and barking are signs of boredom. Most dogs breeds were bred to perform some type of work such as hunting, herding or pulling. Since most of these tasks are no longer performed by our domesticated pets this energy will build up with no where to go. The only solution to release this energy build up is with exercise. Exercise keeps both the body and mind healthy. With Canine Adventures, we  provide fun dog adventures to encourage healthy canine behavior and promote fitness. Canine Adventures is the perfect solution to your dogs energy needs.

Take a look at the benefits of our services:

  • One on One individual attention
  • Low risk of illness or injury
  • Low stress
  • Convenient-no annoying drop off or pick up times
  • Personal customized care so your pet can remain on his schedule
  • Peace of mind that your pet is receiving quality care and proper exercise